Saturday, April 23, 2011

i'm crazy over youuu ♥

started my SPM Preparation Course three weeks ago,
seriously love the environment of british council and the way they teach.
amazing motivating and interesting in difference ways. (:

now i understand why everyone go for it.
British Council, really a superb nice learning centre.
teeheee, meet few friends there. and CHKL's. whoops! :D

never know i can speak english like this,
although its super rojak ones, like mang-lish :D
all of these, "lah,leh,loh,lea"= cultural of m'sian!
before that don't even have chance to speak right, story sharing.
yes. love there to the max, KLCC like every saturday after schoool.
know few friends there and find out they're soo nice.

satisfy with my life,
life still goes on.

APRIL i think quite good to me,
Indigo group, guitar society, classmate, tuitionmate (:
so far so good. *big smile*

final exam of first term is reaching very soon.
nah (: time to work hard for it.
i guessed will be a toughful month, but CHKL's tough enough (:

sure we can face it as exam like never stop before.
GO FOR IT, USH! cheer uppp peopleee!

converse checkers shoes :*

HEHEHEE. saw all of these? :D
it's all souvenir from HONGKONG MACAU & Shanghai from maa sis :p
SWEET isn't it? sho many lovely stuff, i'm a super blissful lil sis (Y)
i also wanna go for a vacation, badly* one month to go hongyih weiyang zhenwen zhiqing*
Taiwannnn, CAN'T WAIT! after the super tiring final. wuhoo ;D

lastly, clap hand* (:
congratulation to Orange team* VanessaYong, IvanChua. :D
and Blue team* Douglas LIM QUEIYANG!

and 5AXin's basketball girl team,
finals in shortly, all the best to you girls sweeties. sure win (:

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