Friday, January 29, 2010

how could I survive when you say goodbye.

January 28,Thursday.

went violin's house sleepover with Guitar Society's ,
although at last we're quite tired and couldn't admit with the tiredness,
but seriously, imma so enjoy in the process of doing pudding :D

Er T-T
i know im careless with cooking or what else.
but i'll try to improve my cooking skills okay!
if not gonna throw girls' face ryte,
omg i hope my mum can let me to learn how to bake cookies!!!

besides, CUP CAKE too okay!
i want to learn it OMG!

Mango flavour pudding :D
Caremel flavour pudding.

Green Tea flavour pudding ♥ i love it! :D
the hearty potluck who prepared by violin's cute mum ♥
yes ;) love you guys tons !

my dearest chairman e,
i know you are quite stressful & pressure with society's.
haiz, am i a loser? i don't even know how to comfort you.
and i thought i can do so? ew. just wants to tell you.
no matter how and what happend, you know we'll be there right?
sob* be tough ,dude!

January 29, Friday.

we reached school around 6am plus i think if imma not mistaken?
im so sleepy in that morning.
but feeling better after i went back class and shouting around like monkey,
with ANDREW lau, Kah Mun & Jason :D roar*
its feeling good in that morning. hee:D
during the duty,
omg just busy around & of course camwhore okay :D
LOL, thanks for yen shen for being our camera man that day :D

having lots fun afterthat :)
with hanyik, joey, yitheng.
yay we meet while imma free :D

Yes, this is what i have to do during these month,

That,to me.
maybe is hardly.but i got to do it.
if not become more fatter fatter and fatter.
then i will die, soon T-T
because bit wif hanyik aka my intimate bro :(

At Last, having lots fun today,
yipeee it's a sweet day

say you love me, if you love me so ♥

January 30, Saturday.
will be updated, very soon :D

January 31,Sunday.

After tuition dismiss,
went the curve, e@curve with andrew and hanyik.
thanks for andrew's parents chauffeur us to curve kay :D
its make me save money and of cuz my energy haha xD
went for movie, and subway that day
* wink * i love subway. low calories and healty kay :D
and sunday is the very first time i met hanyik's family kay!
his sister look alike him man! OMG.
although i meet her far far away LOL.

xoxo, love you guys tons :D
will be update about my very recently,very soon :)


  1. ya,I LOVE YOU ;)

    yet,you no need to on diet girl
    you look great now.

  2. ^^v LOVE YOU too <3

    my friend laughing me everyday
    hurt me badly =(