Monday, January 4, 2010

it's the new start, new life & new CLASS! :)

this is, emily ng drawing!!!!♥ so cute !! =D

4 A he's,
they are awesome! ;)

you know what,
the guys who sitting beside me called Yong Shun,
and you know what he's pretty helpful and kind =P

although he's really cool & stay silent sometimes,
but haha, he'll accompany me to do something lame,
and talking something pointless with me !

he's the monitor,
and i'm the decorater of class board=.=,
just because of the YEAM PIK WEN-.-
if not she, me & jey sim will not includin the post=.=
but i like the post =P because in society i did it too! LOL

Bear sitting at the back of me,
ow he keep blowing water with me and today we have chit-chat with kairui,andrew,dong he,jia jian & of course jeysim too!
and they make me laugh all the time like a crazy,omg ._.
there's just the second day, can't imagine the followin day how it would be =.=

o-la-la, but im still like them, what to do? haha
AND ! im not call cai hua, and im not flower.
i love flower but doesn't mean my name is flower ok=.=
i'm cai huan lar ! siao eh! =.=
the stupid yong ren & dong he called it ._. and lots ppl learned him TT

my imagination spoiled!
i shout in front my classmate because of him!
arh but who cares._. there's the way i like! =D

someone leave it to me on starbucks planner hahah!

somemore,i shout until soundless today.
omg u know what!! 2cheng's & 3qin's OMG they look GREAT with their new uniform!
hahaha OMG! u cant imagine that!!!
especially mondy,bingqin & woonfeng! omg omg
u'll shout like me if u saw them!
haha,i know they miss my sound lots xD

so they keep walking to my class and standing outside the door and talk wif me!
because they're boring, of course me too.
because my form teacher not around at class,maybe goin out for lunch?

and then! mondy come find me automatically in this morning!
omg its a big surprise to me! because i though he'll forget me T-T
he told me he'll forget me this year , because usually he won't contact wif us !
but i feel glad, super glad that he chat wif me in whole morning since i reach school!
haha its a sweet talk =P

anyway,i guess i'll have a awesome 2010! :D

and finally we started our lesson at thursday, all subject except bm and sejarah.
the teachers die already. until now also haven't finish their holiday =.=
ishh speechless. one of my teacher is SHANTA omg
she's just like a radio, when the moment she in class just keep say say say
wth she's talking about. and everyday repeat! SORRY CAN'T DO ANYTHING sien

Madam SHANTA is Topman kai rui's lover ._.
LOL. then actually Additional Mathematics not that hard,
at least i start understand already!! THESE THREE DAY LESSON! happy man!
and then book-keeping , double entry i know how it mean already,
just infront those words a lots to memorize, my brain gonna BOOM=.=
and i have to read all these novel TT
omg i really hate novel lyk dis lar!! study report+chinese oral ,sad case.


  1. hahaha...
    ur new class nt bad...
    i've seen sheng yan and yik pin wear long pants only...
    others haven met yet...
    hope u enjoy ur form 4 life..
    n hope i cn appear in CHKL on 2901...

  2. haha yaya :P
    really not bad ryte,

    others u must meet!
    especially feng!
    quite charming =P

    thanks girl
    same to you! <3
    enjoy your form4 school life & stay happy always!
    ya, meet you up soon! :)

  3. you kena 郑添福?
    he teach me last year and this year ==
    read 射雕英雄传

  4. haha really...
    wow~really gotta c hw charming is woon feng lk lyk...