Saturday, January 9, 2010

two is better than one.

today i recieved yingtyng's letter!
omg so sweet ;D i miss her lots lots lots!

& today yue take me hers diary books
imma so happy! because i'm one of her diary reader,
yipee,i love you lots dear!

here is my hair cut two weeks ago,
before & after. ew :(

she's extremly sad because of her new hair cut,
but who cares T.T at least you still got MR.A wants okay!
i looks ugly now T-T

anyway thanks for your gift wer!
there are lots of sweets & my favourite earings! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :D

and thanks for THENG!
she bought lots cute stuff for me!
like sanitary pad,condom... LOL
actually all are SWEETs! :P
and she bought me GUITAR's necklace ♥

thanks for joey :D wink*
i love the lil key chain! so cute! :*)
and bearbear stole the biscuits TT so left only one.
and thanks for take it to me from your class to my class ler,
really happy about it TT i don't mean to ask you go away,
cause your class are so far away, so i want you to back there earlier,
or else later you late got into class because me TT
anyway i miss you lots !!!

thanks for yue
i love the police car !!
so cute i don't feel to use it cause i scared will dirty TT
and now its on my table! yipee! love you tons.
gonna meet you soon at monday! loveletters for you! =D

thanks for kheng sin :D
haha it's a special present from him and its late for 2 years!
=P but nevermind, i still love it,
late so what =P still got heart what ! haha
thanks dude =P !!

1 comment:

  1. Haa! xD
    I din blame you. It's doesn't matter.
    Our teacher will be Much more later than those students.
    Enjoy your new class life, 4aHe jiayou! :)

    I miss you tons, always and ever. ♥