Thursday, December 17, 2009

i'll be nothing you need.

you blame at me,
and telling me, how much you care about me.

but did you stand at my side,
and think how i feel?
do you know it is totally annoying and disturbing?

seriously, im feel so innocent and uncomfortble!
i'm your nobody, omfg.
why u want to limit me?
and asking me why why why.

i take photo with my friend,
so what the hell is going on?

its my attitude,
there is not what you need to care about.

if you really feel badly,
just stay away from me and cut off your feeling.

you know what,
i really hate you!

when the 1st time i saw you,
i have no good feeling.

so, just give up and get away from me.

don't ask me to forgive you,
because i do hate you.
forever, and never!

fuck off please.

you totally pissed me off! asshole!

and i hate copy cats, bunch of bitches!
have your own style please.
seriously, i don't understand why ??
stop copying my blog post, self-describe,blog title.
speechless with that, total bitch!


  1. dont so gek dont so gek..
    will old faster..
    ii hate ppl copy oso..

  2. don't piss off about copy cats.
    stay with your own style.
    famous people are meant to be copied by others. ;P