Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i'm so glad to be yours <3

December 14, Monday.

Yesterday i went Pavillion,TimeSquare,Lot10 with joyee,wong. :D
Suppose includin le shin and joey's fish.
but, both of them sicked, what to do...

but anyway hope two of them recover soon :) take care.

Wow,finally.finally TimeSquare christmas decoration better than past years.
or else, who want to snap it ryte? quite cute , i like the snow man :D

@LOT10, still same as last year,
just, snap for fun, hehes ;)

@Pavillion, with my sweets for them.
I bought a NafNaf purple colour singlet,
Cotton On's Rubi, high heels shoes,
SnJ, christmas card for the sweeties.

Luckily i'm not a shopaholic,
or else will be bankrup very soon x)

Lunch @ Subway

Subway Melt, can try it :P i like it!

My legs pain like hell :(
bleedin for few times, and i feel tired
so decided to sit down for rest. if not gonna crazy ._.

Its raining heavily before we reach CHKL,
but luckily the rain stop when we reach there.
if not we cant walk, laugh, chit-chat around !

Kien Seng.


Wei Yeeng.

Cheng En.

Yi Ying, she said she'll leave CHKL next year :(

YiYing,YuQi,SinYee,YuLing,Me !

YuQi,Sinyee,YeeLing,Me, fugly in this pic ._.

WeiLin,Me,YiYing,YuQi,SinYee,YuLing @ 3Qin's pretty xD

Kah Mun, my beloved girl. :P

Hanyik, my heng dai x)

babe shinvern , my beloved darling. :D


Cheng En, my... BFF lo! :P

JunXuan's Bao Yi,

Bao Yi's Jun Xuan :D

Chi Yin ! :P

BFF,Forever and Always.

Kar Kay.



ZhiQin, he drink drank drunk until ... x)



Sin Ee :D

Vanessa, I LOVE HER ! :D

XINCHYI!!! x) pretty!



HongLeong!!! omg he's quite tired that day. on duty. =(

Wei Chuen@ with 3 pretty girls xD

Michiko ^^

JiaLiang JiaLiang, ahngg x)

BingCher BingCher ^^

3 of us.

LaoShu with me.

Turtle with mee.

Lol, fugly TT wen shen.

Xiang Long.

Jie Wei.

Cheng En.

YingXian!!!! andrew nt attendin :(

PIK WEN , my piggie.

YAP JIA WEN!!!! sweetheart of us, awesome dancer !!
we love her,for forever!

SianLing, didnt expect will meet her ,
my primary school friend. :P

Snap a lot of picture,
Chit-Chat a lot with them,
Drink Drank Drunk with them,
omg, i really enjoy the moment with them!

this is the awesome, the great, the precious night!!
really do heart them :D

next year, Chinese New Year ! xD
low hanyik the organizer. muahaha.

thanks joey for accompany me too!
i love you tons , my sakai babe ! hehee


  1. lol.
    find jialiang and bingcher didnt call me. xD

  2. Lol
    no la i walk around then saw them ma x)

    yesterday u dun hv walk around?
    u blow water wif wen fong dem o?

  3. i saw me haha.x)

    count down in msn? xD

  4. I heart you too, Sakai babe <3
    Enjoyed that day.
    Shopped a lot !
    Thx for accompaning me all the that.
    Precious moment ♥

  5. Lol chi yin,
    that's not u,
    that's not u,
    that's your twin sis =.=

    yipee yeah
    thanks for the day <3
    love u babe!

  6. Lol.
    i looked very weird ler -,-
    Anyway i love you guys too !!
    For EVER. X)

  7. jiawen,
    no la still okay la
    yeahh ^^v
    love u too hehe <3