Saturday, June 19, 2010

the city never sleep,

actually this blog post title takes me quite long time,
eww,because i was like stuck on the keyboard and blank-minded,
but at last i choose this lyrics from empire state of mine (Y)
likes this song much because GossipGirl & Sex and the city 2's choice!
i love USA much after the drama and movie, just simply awesome country!
aww, i hope my mum can bring me there one day LOL *stop dreaming*

erm, come back come back! hehee,
okay,im quite free these day,
and sis angie having holiday the whole week,
so we decided outing because mum's emotional._.
mum keep ask me do housework or wad, and i was like. SCREAM OUT LOUD!
because im tired enough after the trip, need more rest after the shopping,
but she keep asking me do that do this, eww! feel very annoying!

so thursday, we went Lil Dim Sum Place @SS2 for breakfast,
and then shifted to 1u for movie, Toy Story3, the awesome one :D
rate of the movie ♥♥♥♥

Before the movie, random shop around but sis pick nothing,
aw, then go for movie, i saw few chkl's there. LOL

After the movie, went Patrina aka sis colleague house for dinner,
its steamboat time! LOL.
after dinner and chit-chat, homesweethome! ;)

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