Saturday, December 26, 2009

All i want for christmas is you.

sweetheart of mine.

Firstly,i am back :D
i past the white christmas in Singapore this year.
this is my first time and the special one ;)

too bad my house got no scanner :(

truely,it is an awesome trip.
although didn't go the special place like Sentosa or what else.
but it is really simply very A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

the christmas decoration of s'pore is nice,gorgeous !! :D
the lighting, the people, the feeling...

somemore, lots of hot sale around there! :D
some brand like cotton on,rubi,new look,MNG etc.
omg almost my favourite brand! :D shop until you drop!!
bought lots pair of ballerinas and few piece of one-piece dress xD

actually looking for jean west,
something like this?

she's Serena in GossipGirl, Blake Lively in life !!!
she's sweet!! omg! gorgeoussss hottie!
i love the way she wear, match. its totally great! ;D

LOL,anyway remember to watch Gossip Girl!
it is a nice drama. and i finished Season 3 Part I!! ♥
waiting for the Part II, cant wait !! =x

Go on, i love Singapore !
because there is nobody know me,
so i just can crazy around like sakai LOL , who cares?
haha, so i wear the angle and evil hairband walking around in christmas eve. xD

omg if malaysia, no way,
if acciedentally meet my friend, den o-la-la...

there are all of the christmas wishes ball on the bottom of sea.

haha,but actually ..
i meet a CHKL schoolmate there,nearby Marina Bay.
we don't know both, but wow. the world are just simply so small!

afterthat, my sister bring us into the big two durian building LOL.
actually there is a place lyk KLPac@Sentul.
Performance and Art works usually show inside there.
the design of the Building is so creative ryte?
two of them are really look like a durian :)

the bear paper work, so CUTE!
yue yue yue! i try to do it whether can anot xD
if can i send u the paper work lil bear xD

i feel so jealousy, i want to learn it too TT

MORE PHOTO, please check out my facebook. :)


  1. woohoo.
    your xmas trip is so great weih. those streets' deco reli so chio. x]
    ah! paper bear! cute but no eyes T_T

  2. Wish you will succeed :)
    Singapore is so fun !
    I want to go ! xD

  3. kai qi,
    okok lo hheee :D

    haha xD
    next time wan date you a trip with u !!! to s'pore :D
    universal studio are goin to open!

    haha i can drive u go !
    after our secondary school life :D
    we go and SHOP,Shop Shop!
    shop till drop XD

    and snap snap snap,
    snap the camera no more memory xD

  4. whoa, sg.
    need many money de wor but i no money now T_T