Saturday, June 12, 2010

the summer breaks ;)

okay, erhmm*clear throat*
start with all about @june 12, saturday.
our bangkok departure time is around 3.30pm,

so early in the morning, wake up and pack our clothes,
afterthat, dad brought us for breakfast at 泉記肉骨茶@Setapak,

michelle's favourite chicken leg, ew!

after the breakfast, headed to Kargo Airport (LCCT) @Sepang,
sis Christine checked in last night by net, then we drop up our luggage,
then walking around and waiting at the boarding room,
and flight delay at last ._. pity us

will update asap!


  1. hey prettie....
    happy holiday...^^
    ur hair is long....

  2. thanks jun :)
    lol yea lo but going to cut dy !