Thursday, July 8, 2010

stop talking, just take action and show it up!

Erhmmm, i think my blog really in half dead dy,
but no choice ler, busy doing homeworks these day,
just finish 70% of the homework,
and left Art project & Chinese oral.

so i'm free,not quite but compared to last few day. it was :)

erm, okay fifa world up is going to the end,
left the last two match, Spains vs Holland and Germany Vs Paraguay!
Germany must get no3 kay! GERMANY CHEER!!
GERMANY, still love you! ♥♥♥

erh here are some pics which i taken from s'pore last weekend,
went there with my parents and sis mich for visit sis and relatives.
apparently im really tired,i was like after sport days then sleep for hours den go! SINGAPORE i come like this, LOL. its might be rush, but i like :P

s'pore is like my secondhome, i think i went there at least 4 times a year,
public holiday, school holiday usually will be there :O
hehe, i love singapore seriously! but not kiasu singaporian :x
at least their public security and safety is MUCH MORE BETTER than malaysia!
and their public transport super easy to go & convenient!
here about complicated bit, somemore cab have metamorphosis crap driver._.

All the girls, NO CAB alone at malaysia pls.-.-
horribly and terrify public security, ew.
so we really have to beware of stranger nowadays!
be careful, wariness and pay attention when you're alone!

especially jia wen, chwin, chyi, yue ling and jiaqi kay,
must be careful when yall take the public transport home!

hmm,besides, i think i really want to refresh myself and,
i want a brand new emily ng chai huan,
no doubt and just follow my heart :)
because i feel quite lost these day when memories remind.

btw im really wants to be with you all!
babes,dudes and all my very-important person!
and its been so long that I never hang out with friends!

babe & dudes! where yall?
wants to yam cha with beloved yours too!
find someday to go kay!hehe ;D

and i really wants to have a hair-cut,
but ew. parents and sis time schedule are not allowed to,
so i still have to wait and let my messy hair grow like grasses
ISHHH, messy me and mature me now.

fugly hair with spec -_-
can u imagine how emily was ? ._.
ew. 1 weeks to go! then i'll be back again!
ewww..waiting, waiting and waiting!
ps: stupid yours stop mention me about him kay,
i mean its really enough to me, he mean nothing and its passed long-long time ago!
That's IT.SO, STOP.

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