Thursday, July 22, 2010

together at the top like a pyramid

hey guys! emily is here again! once a week? :P
its kinda less blog since this year, i think,btw small test recently!
hmm, but who cares! aiyo ;P blog when free then okay dy! hee,

erm, really have nothing-big-change these week,
got gastric two weeks once, school, society, test, eat, break time, school dismiss,tuition.
time past swiftly as usual. really as USUAL ler.
hmm, but i think i have nice weekend last week :P

it were, saturday @ Pav Outing and Legand hotel GEN japanese buffet,
and sunday went @ Taylor's College Sri Hartamas JOG FOR HOPE,
and the have our brunch at Sri Hartamas@Grand Imperial Restaurant.
erm, got the t-shirt finally! YAY! erm, ignore this LOL.

anyway, i really have lots fun these weekend.
last week had the super-awesome-gathering with the guitar club's seniors.
i'm really happy with it although i have gastric that night until the midnight 3am.
but its worth lar :P its okay for me.

play hard and study hard :P
this called teenager's life! :P
just left few years for calling myself teenager,
and i pleasure it :) happy to being an ordinary teen ;)

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