Sunday, February 15, 2009

S'pore trip

actually suppose to blog this last week,

but my sister take off her camera
and don't let me bring back home.

so that im not really have a long time
to blog my s'pore trip ler

let pictures do a talk (:

waiting for the aeroplane open the door - -

Changi AirPort

Mrt station

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant? lols

opposite of the sea is Sentosa ;)

sun does hurt my skin =x

Vivo City

went out to have dinner and i saw this ;D

on the way back home - MRT

the coolest fitting room i ever saw before ! omg x)

i love this shirt x)

Orchard Road - Mrt Station cool right?

s'pore do fun (:

weee, ;D

peace v^^v

jiahaooo this is my eldest sister ler.

''Yes boss, i know what to do.''

Happpyyy Birthdayy my dear sister (:


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  2. i luv 2 go orchard road ^^
    got many shopping mall
    got many things 2 buy.. ==