Sunday, December 5, 2010

P e n a n g Island ")

1202 to 1204 ;)

HELLO! i'm back :P it's P e n a n g time!
eat,photo session,with my lovely friend(Y) hehe :D

seriously before the trip, we argued and blamed a lot lol
because some of them like not enough helpful and wait for us like that,
so yea -.-" but luckily everything goes on smoothly and happily!
enjoy the trip much and yay our friendship getting better and closer:)

although you guys keep bully me
but still, kind me won't remember it as usual
holy god why i'm so KIND? :D ahahaha

btw still want to thanks you guys for bringing me lotsa fun this trip!
and wanna thanks for korean beach In Seong aka GPS of us haha,
if you're not joining us i think we got lost and couldn't get back place of us! :)

*appreciate it*

erhm :P it's my time to do the words hehe!
okay the very first day :)
we went Hentian Jalan Duta meet up for the coach bus early in the morning.
after got up to the bus, our journey like finally start! LOL
starving for quite a time, junk foods and photo!
i texted with him (Y) yay and miracles happens haha :D

ALRIGHT back back to topic haha,
is like 4 and half hours, we reach PENANG omg!
my gosh, it's really looooooong journey!
singapore also shorter than this! luckily still can stand with it!

it's beeeeen 4years ago I went penang!
almost forgot how penang looks like! haha 4 years later i still feeel great :D

after reach the bus terminal, we went bus stop for the rapid penang 304,
but we are not really patience people,
somemore the really annoying taxi drives are keep persuade us to take cab
so we take the 301 bus to Georgetown and then start walking like 45 minutes!!
it's tiring seriously but umm new experience of us *sob*

after reached Sattcle, check-in ,leave everything and
rest while waiting the shower rain stopped,
and hell yes finally WE CAN GO OUT FOR OUR LUNCH!

we have our lunch at 4.30pm, then went Gurney Plaza for visit,
take some photo of christmas decoration,here you go :)

After the photo session, went Gurney Drive for dinner
okay WE LOVE FOOD :D *my weight gained :(*
hehe let's the photo do the words kay ;)

after dinner,went for movie@ Narnia :D
umm its like special preview so we're the first wuhoo, alright haha
the ending of the movie is quite awesome
but the rest quite boring,10.30pm Home sweet home!

The second day,
omg seriously i'm exhausted due to the jj's snoring sound,
i don't even sleep well! and like only fall asleep around 1 hours? OMG!
BLAME HIM!! his snoring sound like hippo's LOL
umm wake up at 7.30 that day, prepared and out and meet the friendly aunty! :)

first destination, we went the burmese buddhist temple *the sleeping buddha*
camwhore around and look around :)

next, we went chew jetty :)
there looks simillar because it's look like seen it before from Ice Kacang Puppy Love!
hehe but not sure lah, because they said penang have a lot of fishing port like this.
so yes :) umm btw we saw someone photoshoot there :)

and it's start have shower rain again :/
we runnn back to the van and then continue our next destination :)
Pinang Peranakan Mansion :) baba and nyonya's place!
actually i think it's kinda nice and awesome!
historical but intresting place maybe because of drama The Nyonya?:)

then, went a hawker center and have our lunch :)
ordered the Tom Yam Char Mee :) ummm..

will be continue :)


  1. O.O panda huan..
    nice peneng trip...
    eat Satay? haha... come Kajang eat ma.. ^.^v
    and the plaza so beautiful leh...
    haha... anyway wish you happy always la.. ^.^

  2. eh the satay nicer than Kajang's leh!
    so so so delicious ones ;)
    highly recommend from weiyang!
    hahaha ya quite ;)
    must go!!!

    same to you loh! :)
    working while playing =D

  3. haha...
    WeiYang taste better then me... >.<
    beach? i haven't see the picture got beach de??? got chance I will go see.. :)
    I back home liao ma... >.<

  4. neh the photo inside penang <3<3<3 there :)))
    hahaha go see lah x)
    i likey much ;P
    took alot nice photo hehe!
    my blog haven't lah..
    still have lotsa place mar!

    ohhh OKAY:)
    ALRIGHT! hehehe

  5. haha.. nice nice nice!!!
    next time go where take photo many many leh.. xDDD
    I'm your best supporter!!! ^o^