Tuesday, August 4, 2009

play hard, study harder :P

just something to send them :)
because friends, give me a lot of cheerful ;)

chwin, stay strong and be tough.
remember we're here for you,
no matter what happend,
we'll support you, my girl (:

jeysim, be tough too,
u know what, whole CHKL not just have him only,
still got a lot of choices, no need make yourself so upset.
anyway, remember that i'm beside you too (:

Mun, jiayou kay,
now fighting for the examination ba,
no need think what already,
concentrateee :)

wen, cheer up at ur dance,study and everything.
i don't really know how are u recently,
but anyway just wish u get a flying colours at your exam,
study hard :D jiayouuu :)

Yue,long time didn't chat with you,
a lot things happend recently,
sighs, dear i wanna meet you TT

chyi,zsying,yeeng, jiayou at exam,
after exam we can hang out together x)
we jiayou at examination togetherrr :P yipeee ~*

HanYik, me and shengyan wanna to find you ler,
if u see this, leave me a message at chat box,
somethings to tell you :/ and jiayou at your examination (:

Theng, take good care at your health,
stay healthy and fighting with the examination kay,
remember to drink more water and eat more vege & fruits,
babeee, u will get well sooon :)

Violin, remember what i said,
if you copy answer then reopen school u'll know :P
wahaha, jiayou together (: supports*

KaiQi, after exam i wan give u a letter,
because long time we didn't chit-chat
and when we meet just gave a smile or HI,
i wan be closer with you like last time :/

kelvinGaw,nothing i can do for you,
but still wish you can past all the bad stuff fastly,
and getting well soon, remember our 4 apples :P
and thanks for your everythings :)

JessieNg, turn my school have to quarantine ler,
anyway, wahaha :P wish that your school will close too,
u know what i mean, :P 0810 !! wakakaka =P


  1. yaya.. i'm hanyik.. gt things find me???

  2. glad that you're so into your studies,girl :)
    and one thing..
    i think i know what happened ><
    dont worry,we'll soon have time for each other.
    muahs muahs*

  3. haha..
    kk lar~
    we add oil together lar..
    then can go gai gai..