Tuesday, August 4, 2009

self-control to make it better.

ishh, feel like going to school,
at least homework won't more than now.

1 weeks stop school only weih,
not 1 months, but the homeworks like 1 month works like this.

should i have to Quarantine? -,-

but anyway feeling so badly,
if this year don't have any sickness,
i guess now i won't so rush at everything.

yesterday 4 hours,
i just done 4 homeworks only ''(

tooooo bad,
so stress with the homework,

and i scare whether still got time to study anot,
ewwwwww =\

jm 3qin's,
i still haven't reacieve cecilia's email,
so still can't post up the answer of the science 2007,08 exam paper.
but anyway,leave me a message with your e-mail here please,
thanks :)

behave yourself,
ng chai huan !!!!!

5 more days to go......


  1. LOL.
    say dou like that mer?
    so scare ler.
    i will try my best der.
    jia youss lar.

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