Saturday, October 10, 2009

i'm hidin' what i'm feeling ;)

pick my blog songs,
simply great and adorable ;)
falling for you by coblie caillat.

i did some mistake at my english essay,
feel sad that why im so careless and absent-minded :(
anyway, it passed. i cant do nothing with it.

kahmun,goh. lately im so in love at you,
the morning with you these day, :D

recently, im blissful indeed.
thus, although im upset enough.

PMR,two days.
UEC,eleven days later on.

miss my bear and vanessa <3

bye my dear sis christine,
please take a good care at s'pore.
see you, very soon ;)


  1. I miss you too darling. :)

  2. jemerlyn,
    yeah same to you!
    cheer up :)

    yipeee, love u deeply <3