Friday, May 8, 2009

it's just a history ;)

衬出一片蓝天 <3

today is a terrible, horrible day !
gosh two accidents happended at the main door of CHKL.

firstly, student vs parents.
secondly, teacher vs parents.

and then,
JM 3 QIN currenly fall in love at BOMBERMAN ==
and dissapointed at me because im one of them.. arghhh !

the next,
bing qin was so angry today with the stupid-noob training prefect.
he thought he was so clever, bq was sleeping and he called bq to wake up.
because of his shirt was not tidy !

people sleeping la, hello.
don't you think u are TOO MUCH.
brainless guys u are.

today he told me about his history,story,thinking.
im so admire about his history x)

performance ended.
although,i know i was just a kelefe
btw at least im still with it la x)

and LAST,
this is real real real my last post within these week.

because i'm typing my sejarah's project.
it's confusing me , too bad.
and now,
i am really dislike PROJECT

damn ! im studying geografi and history today.
please don't trying to disturb me
stupid ants =="

and wish all of the sweet girl, sunny boy
who's seeing my blog,get a excellent-good-flying colours-result in examination.

have a nice day.