Saturday, September 5, 2009

take me away, a secret place

today i meet lil andrew :P & i miss my hair badly TT

PMR & UEC take me awayy.

so i won't be here anymore.
since now to the end of October.

study hard !!
not to be lazy anymore lar!

jiayouuu to my girls and boys.
yeahh, hanyik too kayyy :P

0915 0919 :P
babe & boy of mine :P

jessie seow and haokian,

jessie, wish u can pass smothly at everythings,
and have a sweet fifteen this year :D
excited your birthday lar, wait for my planner.
muahahahahahah x)

haokiann, boy of mine ar, i dont have forget kay,
wait for yours bday too, mwakk *
we love you, always, wish u have a happy fifteen.
and get flying color result at examination kay,
i dont eat lemon, but i drink lemonade :P
Love you tidyyy (:

i love him ;P