Saturday, November 7, 2009

last forever, forever.

November 03 ;
during K.H period we baked cake ;)

Strawberry Swiss Roll :D

; 3 eggs
; 90g of Sugar
; 90g of Flour
; a spoon of Planta
; a spoon of Flavour Jam

Firstly, snap a picture for memorizing this experience? :D

Then,add the egg into the ' Big Bowl ',
which people usually used to mix the Rojak.

After that, pour the flour inside,
and do not mix hardly.
because air will go inside.

Then,melt the jam,
because its will become easier to put it on top of cake..

Go on, take the cake out from the oven,
and then put the jam on top.

Roll Roll Roll, Roll the cakee.

Cut it into pieces.

Finally, let's eat!
Its delicious enough ;
although it is a lil bit not enough soft..
but still okay, Q enough :P


  1. yer me form3 KH also didnt bake cake de TT
    but got make sushi ^___^

  2. bear,
    i prefer sushi lo
    yerrr !