Saturday, November 28, 2009

One family with bliss and love.

today went the garden & mid valley with my siblings for lunch,
we hv a nice day and eat a lot of delicious food :D

oh my god, i found taylor swift's version Last Christmas :D
yipeee, i love taylor swift so muchh ! ♥
i prefer taylor swift's more than hillary duff's.

added into my music playlist,
nice song! pick it! ;)

November 27, Friday
Nippon Tei @ KLCC

homesweethome @

sunmoulin @ KlCC

these day hangin out wif my siblings and grandma.
pictures still hangin on.. wait for my upload :)

UEC result, december 06.
i feel afraid, suddenly lost confidence @.@
what to do?


  1. i give you confidence my dear ^^
    dont scare, i'll pray for you every night. :)
    MUACKS. <3