Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the night that i'll fall for you.

November 25, Wednesday.

Clothes of the dayy :D

Today we went neway to celebrate YingTong's birthday,
i feel glad that i'm invited :D feeeel proud xD
have fun today, totally shout out my sadness ! wuhuu,
really so relax and enjoy when i stayed with you guys !

look nice ryte? its my idea :P
i'm so creative and cleveer ryte? xD

birthday girl, Ying Tong.

a lil wishes for you,
hope you have a good day and really enjoy with it (:
wish you can go up senior 1 kay!
everyone will pray for you, so don't so worry,
we'll support you always always and always!
stay happy everyday!


YuNing, YingTong.

Pik Wen, Ying Tong.

Me with the birthday girl ♥

Qi Xian wif her.

Sam :P

Guess who is it xD

wen thian :)

today we sing a lot a lot a lot of song,
totally crazy cause they singing the ABC song,
A B C D E F G, H I J K L M N ... Lol

The girls. ♥

actually still got lots pic,
but inside wentian's 12.0 m.p phone.
soo waiting for him T T sad case.
anyway, i love you guys !
weeeheee, miss ya :D


  1. Lol
    u can duwan so funny ma? xD

  2. okay HIHI HELLO :D
    welcome to my lil bloggie ^^

  3. sangat cepat upload jor.xD kaka thanks =D

  4. pik wen ,
    u tot who i am?
    im ng chai huan okay!
    emily ng a ! ;D

    of cuz im rapid xD
    lalalalalala :P
    i wont like the wenfong =="
    the sunway photo today only get it TT

    yeam pik wen, december meet u again <3
    weee,miss u!

  5. OKay okay.Meet you next month too.=D!

  6. wahaha,
    i know u'll miss me
    but don't dream me to9 okay? :D

    i'll wait for u tomorrow ^^
    i guess u can ! :D

    pik wen i suppport U !!!!!!!!!

  7. hei...
    that so sweet lah...

  8. Lolx
    i know i know
    no need say de :P
    keep inside heart enough xD