Friday, January 1, 2010

trapped in the past, but not now!

here.there is :)
the very first post of 2010 ;)

have few of mission & very important things
that i have to sucess in 2010!

1st, i has to become more mature and be tough.
2nd, i has to be a Miss Independent.
3rd, i has to improve my bm.english.
4th, i must get all good result ! average more than 65%.
5th, i want to be happy always, like a simple girl.
6th, i wanna be prettier,taller and slimmer x)
7th, i wanna get back the friendship of us.
8th, i want cut off all the filty and rude words, eventough wtf *
9th, i want my mum smile after she get my report card! and not that worry as last time.
10th, i want to save money for my family bday present and my wish list!

you know i love you,
and the story won't end.
the new start! there is long way to go.


  1. You can succeed your Wish List :)
    Just have to put more effort.
    Be tough, independent and happy always =)