Monday, February 22, 2010


i have no idea with it,seriously.
maybe, everything like getting better. i guess.

or maybe i'm still mean nothing to you,perhaps.
thus, i thought. i still have to got it,by myself.

i'll try. you know ily so.
idk why recently feel sweet when you're with me :D
haha maybe you're so obsessed to me !! x)

i dont know why you are trying,pissing me off.
i'm wondering one day if i'm not that in mood,
i will certainly like lost control, yelling on you.

whatever who you are.
luckily i'm gave you up,completely! bastard.
don't try to show off how blissfully you are.
that is non of my business & not my fault.

just stay away from me, far far away!

what a weirdo.

haha.majority of my friends are callin me Emily
but not chai huan anymore ;D YAY!
new begining :D

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