Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family is heart < 3

finally i can blog with words but not only photos.

its been a long time i didn't have mood and time to make it..
so just only photos. like ignore you my lil bloggie :(
im sorry. you know i love you so :)

Firstly, CNY is in the corner!
yipee, ang pau,beer until drink,drank,drunk, chit-chats & SHOP!
yes. I LOVE HOLIDAYS! but sometimes its boring :(

okay just ignored the unhappy stuff.
today having Reunion dinner at my house as usual :)
but this year is Steamboat gather :)
because its easier to make it, don't want like last year,
the food wasted,and mum need prepare it as early as possible.
so.. STEAMBOAT the best :D and i love steamboat too, my sister too!!

Family is heart always :D
Ng's family :) Bou Bou Gou Seng!

Ng's family girls all lenglui lar :D
Don't you think it? haha xD

Lau Sok Kuan! this year is the very first time we have reunion dinner together,
because usual you back to penang , to your papa's side and have it ryte!
glad to together this year! hehe! 2010 mar;)

love you! After CNY you're going to Taiwan for your bakery course ryte?
hope everything there is okay! and having fun there kay!
enjoy your school life and stay happy always!
wish you enjoy your CNY at penang! :)

i'm still the only SHORT hair =(

Ng Chai Wen! Hey. long time din gathered,
and long time didn't meet you up since you worked there!
i know you're enjoy & getting yourself a new whole life !
so wish you all the best & keep in touch!

Ng Chai Ling, a super fans of By2

grow up already wer! hope you're good in your studies.
and of course your life! enjoy your secondary school life :D
its great when you're with
its another two years then your turn to take part the PMR.
so babe, study hard these year!
5 years, very fast and very soon will past it!
wish you, Good Luck! and smile always! :)

And this year, the 2010:D
our new family members, babe girl Ashleyy :D
she's cute right haha, and her hand and leg is short!

wish to be happy always,
and wish all of you ;
HAPPY Valentine's day.

PS: Happy Birthday to Vanessa Yong, 0214 :D

A new life, A new 2010, A new emilyng.



  1. "Ng's family girls all lenglui lar :D"
    hha. totally agree. :D

    btw how are u dy girl, seemed very sad TT gayao, ily <3

  2. hahahaha
    yue a, no worries okay
    everything will be okay as what i said always :D

    LOVE YOU TONS babe! <3