Sunday, February 28, 2010

my heart pounds,you got me.

Friday-Sunday are holiday!

actually today decided to clean up my table,
but at the end my plan spoiled again =(
my table is fill up with magazines, excersice books, text book etc.
after read it don't have put back to the cupboard. so...........
all leave at my table right now. so my table is like,==
super duper messy.

Sighs, exam left 3 more weeks to let myself prepare,
i have to get flying colours, my average! 65 marks babe!
work hard! this is the time table :( ow.
just realize that i'm already senior middle student....
sometimes, still mistaken write on JM3Qin at my workbooks. ew :(

These day, im like a lazy bugs seriously. i dont even want to move,
just laying on the floor, sofa or bed-.- reading fashion magazine,TV ..
omg how lazy am i.. i wasted these day, again.
i'm still waiting for the following holiday! 2 more weeks!
& then is......... the horrible examination T-T

haha, this is my homeworks, i get A-
yipee ;D i'll improve myself better than now,
i wants to get A! yay :D i think that my writting not bad actually x)


and i went KLCC with my sister,Angie.
she want to shop! so go along with her,
and i grab a lovely, one-piece-dress :D

Clothes of the day,
Top from Cotton On,Jean West from Just Jeans,
Belts from TopShop,High-waist skirt from Zara,
Shoes from nike :)

Then, sis brought me to The Curve joining,
my third sis for lunch, pity her have to work during public holiday. ew.

The Curve @ Vivo

Then, went sister office.
surfing net while sis doing her work.

went bangsar with my sisters for shopping! :D
before start shop, we went for lunch, Banana leaf !

Then, go for the boutique shopping,
while waiting for my sister, camwhoring myself-.-

BLAKE LIVELY wearing tat outfits, omg
i saw it at bangsar ler. me and my sis regret about din pick it,
because the shirt is like got a lil bit dirty.. ew TT sad.

anyway, i bought accesories,dresses again!
OMG. im really wasted lots of money these day,
feel filthy, cuz most of them are sister sponsered.
so decided to buy them present! :)

went bedford tuition today.
just as usual, but i think next week will swifted it to saturday? i guess so.
because my siblings don't want to fetch me anymore TT what a sad case.
anyway, gtg :) will be update maybe after the exam !

PS, trying to change myself.mature.restyle.


  1. so happy =(
    i hv been staying at home since CNY

  2. haiyoyo
    nvm kay!
    next time u got car liaw
    we hang out togetherr!!!! <3