Friday, March 26, 2010

he's running throught my mind, all day.

Happy Birthday to SHENG YAN :D
hey, we know both since form2 eh! although not that longer lar.
but we sit with each others like around 2 years dy eh . haha
idk why recently start to miss about last few year. hahaha.
anyway wish you HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN! ;)
and stay sweet wif girlgirl lar :P shen yan aka my bro :D

today exam make me shivering and cold like frezzing man!-.-
before i start writting is feeling headache,
then start writting i feel dizzy
after the exam im going to faint ...

oh my god,
additional mathematics is killing me,badly!

although understand and memorise the formula,
but what to do. what the hell -.-

i decided to read english version Harry Potter after the exam,
maybe might be late, but.. who cares. i want improve my english!!!

tomorrow school dismiss at 10.50am, so early.
don't know where to go during 10.50 till 2.30.
me jessie andrew and hanyik have to go tuition after that..=.=
ish stupid school govement-.-

just finished revision of science,
need lil bit rest time, because my brain gonna burst-.-
and my sibling will back from s'pore tonight, wuhooo :)

but my phone gone again,
don't text me during exam days..

PS: thanks for mr.m weih!
thanks for your accompany, burn midnight oil with me last few day ! ;)

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