Friday, April 2, 2010

you say you love me,indeed.

Love taste sweet as well as candies :D

First and foremost, i'm really happy and stay in joyful these day.
because i really work hard at the last exam, i swear :)
the achievements of my result let my mum feel happy indeed.
the target of sixty five marks long over, so near,to me!
although i did bad at Additional-Maths :S

i'm glad to be my mum daugther and my sis sibling now :)
its a new beginning!
i really feel good, and its like. WUHOO!
finally ng chai huan done it! omg.
this time really not just only simply say and i really did it!
omg this feeling is good & makes me laugh like a crazy !
and move on at the following exam! revision & excersice babe ! :)

and my son say he will pray for me :D
NaNaNa, thanks for your support always!

finally,my mum got back the confidence to me :D
i'm really happy with that,i'll keep on the concentrate of study!

fight for future,work hard,study hard!