Tuesday, May 11, 2010

we gotta fight,fight, fight for this love


went pavillion with buddies,
for movie, IP man 2 :)

the earlier celebration of Mother's day :)
mummy, love you always! xo.


went coffee bean for breakfast with dearest sis,


went british council for the placement test,
althought at last never take it, and went Pav,
but have lots sweet time with Kah Mun, and J :)
and yea, meet up Max lol.

May 17,

siblings went Malacca,
they bought me this and its yummy! :)

trying to memorize it,but hardly.

Work hard with Sejarah, besides,
that is my favourite,very-suit-me, hairclip from forever21 :)

i could hardly feel myself, is going to die soon ._.


i hate my pale face :(
sickness,illness, leave me away!

Yet, finally examination is all over,
and its my rest time!

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