Monday, May 3, 2010

when i think of you, i dont feel so alone :)

Hi peeps! finally i have some time to sit infront of lappy,
typing new blog postie, hearing my favourite songs :)

really feel blissfully recently,
erhmm, a secret never tell :D
by the way, its heartwarming!

Indeed, exam is in the corner,
not supposed to renew blog here,
but i done all my homework !
and am going to have my revision later.

ain't to be a lazy bug anymore kay!
fight for the future, yea, my current mission :)

and yay, last friday went Singapore, again.
for Shopping ;D

cotton on is having a crazy sales now!
happy :D grab lotsa high-waist-skirt :D

and my elder sis bought me a forever 21 dress as my birthday gift!
B.G.E! Awwww <3>

and successfully planned all the stuff,
just have to comfirm the guest and the transport :D
and somebody birthday gonna reach too.
busy doing cards and ... :D

okay okay,
its time to off..
a simply random post lol.
dont know what exactly im typing-.-

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