Thursday, June 10, 2010

i know you love me,

June 04 till 06,
went the highland with them,4AHe's :)
seriously i thinks this the best genting trip ever!
full filled with fun! and really do relax as a trip, a travel trip ;)

June 04,
after the performance, * know yall wait me like mad! thanks yall lo=P
rushed back home and have mum's hearty potluck,
dad chauffeur me to titiwangsa station and meet them up :)

coach and cab,luckily at last we made the right decision!
cab much more safety than coach!

got up to genting, wait for jasebel and checked in!
walking around,movie,gambling and gossiping are what we did that day! :)

i win 4 round :P thanks jasebel aka my poker coach :P
damn bear bear and zhi yang, both them sapu the whole night!

went for dinner at Lou Yao Gei as usual,
after dinner went for game and its cost 0bucks of us :D *lucky us*
then, went for movie, Sherk after forever :)

After movie, back to hotel and start gambling.
0200 am, bed time :)

The next day, june 05,
went theme park for whole day,
and played most of the game, more than 1 times each i think! :P
actually at first the weather is quite bad and cloudy,
but maybe im there so the weather getting better after we bought the tickets!
hahahahha :P *shy shy*

After the lunch, pizza hut,
three of us *girls*, went back to hotel and sleeep :P
lol i know quite fat if sleep after meal,
but we're really exhausted and don't feeling to move after lay on the bed,
no idea, bed too comfortable, and we had changed pyjamas :P

so we decided to take a NAP from 3 o'clock to 4 or 5 something,
but we wake at 7 o'clock! LOL. eat the hot cup noodle,
then we go theme park and play again! :D
space shot of night is awesome! ;P windy,cold and COOL! ;D

After that, back to the room and dressed up,
and went PUB! actually wants to go club, but Safari got check ic,
so we forced to go pub @ Satio, for drinks :)

Hmm, now i realise heineken is much more better than carlsberg,
heneiken ROCKS! ;) we gotta feeling !
i wants to club ! Jasebel ! am waiting for you!! ;)
drink, drank,drunk night! <3> totally in a glee :D
3.00am, Bed time! * i won't forget how pik wen's crazy =D*