Saturday, June 26, 2010

the smile on your face,let me know that you love me

the last semester passed,
no matter how was the result, good or bad,
life still have to move on right?

don't disspointed or hopeless if you did not that good this time,
cheer up, study harder and work harder to get the better result!
cause still have the new sem waiting for us to go on,right?

we still have few class test,a standardize test and final test.
hmm, i think its time to review about myself,
and do the correction or else will regret so!

seriously i think im quite lazy at memorizing,
i did badly at Geography,Sejarah and Moral.

kay, i really hate BM,
i mean BM subject which have to memorize,
to me,its quite sorrowful! because my bm is pretty sucks and,
umm, i hate sejarah *-* idk why i can't simply like it as how jane jiawen does,
but im trying hard, and as what yueling said, DO NOT GIVE UP SEJARAH!

hmm shh* actually, i think my moral not really because dk how to do,
exactly reasons were, i don't even memorize it and just have a look,
somemore that day we were planning,happily about my big day LOL..

same problem, geography! lots stuff to memorize,
and the final exam i just study the note which teacher gave,
That's ALL, so i get the worst result.. kay sorry mum!T_T
i know i decrease lots marks this subject if compared to last 09.

but anyway, i'm really happy that i hit my target that which more than 60,
actually at first was 65, and now i set 67 marks as my next sem target!
because wants my 10 average to become 65!

i-don't-want-to-let-my-parents-down, so improve myself!
i-don't-want-to-be-the-worst; but without comparison
but meaningful
i-don't-want-to-be-ordinary; but outstanding
i-don't-want-to-be-random; but planned


  1. Awww my dear, just concentrduring sejarah period then ok der (:
    Btw, i know you can hit your target one :D
    because i beleive in you ~ HAHAH


  2. you not fat and ugly kay!~

  3. jia wen , but my sejarah teacher ._.
    just keep on copy notes only,
    don't even talk!

    LOL thanks dear <3
    aiyo! no lar ._.

    got lo-_-