Wednesday, August 18, 2010


kay, im really stuck on my keyboard,
maybe its been a long time to update my blog,
seems like every new post will be like this -.-

"hi there, long time din got up here, and finally have some times to blog.."
something like this. oh my god.

i really feeel so pathenic at all,
erm SENIOR 1/Form 4's life. really not that easy!
i mean, even September holiday,
also filled with project! WHAT TO DO?

there's nothing to do,
btw im going to attend this saturday & sunday 30 famine d-i-y camp! :)
wuhooo, want to join this really for long time ago,
and this year finally i joined it!

thanks load for all of you who donate to me for attending this camp,
and help all the children light up their life :)

thanks for my ♥ly classmate,friends!
yall are really kind-hearted! ;))

*excited but nervous.*

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