Sunday, November 28, 2010

you made my day, xo ♥


it's a delightful day seriously :D
because it's been like a years i never meet my girlfriends jessie,jie and sherilyn!
since jessie's fifteen party and the gathering party last year, remember?
and then of course my sweetheart chermaine as well like 3 month later!♥

hehe, they're amazing girlfriends!!
umm cause they spread laughter around and they're so sam pat okay!
gossip and laught like a crazy there, hello :p image image!
feeeeel so goood after a years when we gathered!

a lots of thing wanna share and a lots of gossip wanna talk :p
hahaha girl's day! :D okay and i admit sherilyn how become much more prettier dy!
HAPPY? duwan give me your middle fingers dy okay haha :D
*im praising you,seriously!!*

haha,then were jie :D omg i love you so much!
you know like after the outing and gathering haha!
we do chatted a lots :D omg i likey you pretty jie ♥
love your bright and gorgeous smiley face! haha don't shy of it!
and thanks to fetch me home that day after gathering!
and Restoran Choice okay next time :DDDD

okay that day, we went sunway@FULLHOUSE as usual omg.
no more next time to me dy! it's become more and more bad._.
awww, due to jessie ng's opinion! she really want to go! so we did.
i don't like the new menu of Full House! not that cute and pretty dy:(

rate of the food : ♡♡♡♥♥
rate of the environment: ♡♥♥♥♥

After shop and walk around, we went Chocolate for the Sundae ice-cream which cost RM1.50
umm actually i think the ice-cream is same as ikano ice-cream :)
btw it's like tasteless,only have milk taste like that..
so yea, worst than Ikea's. but still can have a try if you're a milk-lover:)

umm just noticed actually we didn't take much of photo :(
maybe we're not really enough time to shop and it's tiring day!
lol because we walked for long long time there! hmm,
btw i really have lots fun ;D hehe! happy to meet you girls!

hope very soon will have an outing again,
can't wait to see you girls @ Malacca One Day Trip :D
AWWW 1218!! ;) maine hope you can go :/

1115, kah mun's big day

1116, report card's day, last day of school

movie with the dk friends @ Harry Potter 7 Deathly harrows Part 1,
RT's diwali open house @ 6M'06 gathering

will be continue ;)

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