Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My love will get you home.

the moment when i stay with ya'll,
i can feel that im just a lilgirl and without sadness :)

maineee , i love you always, miss u :/

Hanyik's drawinng.. haha cute right?

Lollipop from Hanyik.

Andrewwww :D my dearest gorrr , weeee ;)

Lollipop from andrew ;)

Max's drawing :) yeah great great greatt ;p

i know this flower have good vitamin, but.. ._.

Yoyo :D he said looks ugly, but actually looks great lar !

Joyee Wong, My dearest sista =3
Hope you can recover soon kay? take care!

HongLiang, my dearest brotherrr!!! and this is the most nicer ^^

Woon Feng , babeee i love you xD

HaoKian's drawing.. he's the only guy who feel sympathize to me Lol.
cause im begging that biatch SAM to send me xD

yeah, i have recieve 9 flowers today :D
but actually suppose are 10, but wentian TT ..

yue, jiayou for the SPM !
huan support u always remember?
don't so stress! 1 month past very fast.
all the essay remember to write title number ya! :)

my cousin sis, chaiwen,AbbyNg. jiayou for the examination kay,
trust yourself can do that,
and remember Ng's family always for you (; ta-da, love you!

shen lai, same to you ! cheer up kay,
try ur best ! :) i know u can did it!
jiayou a,chaihuan support u too :)

si jian si jian, u know wad, its been a loooong time
i never meet you, and ur ear get hurted also hvent pay u a visit,
just hope that u're pink in health,
and jiayou for the examination okay?
me this flower idiot always stand for you :)

yingrongg :D i know u no need study de lar,
wahahaha cause u have brain, clever enough xD
weee, support you kay! wakaka after exam claim ur lunch from me ;)

lastly,all the form5 student jiayou :D
wish you guys get a flying colour result! hehes.
good luck to all of you ;)


  1. haha...
    the flower was cute...
    next time i got online i draw one for you la...

  2. thanks lar :P
    wakaka cause u're not in net
    or else i'll force u draw one for me.

  3. zadao...
    jia till u...
    reli yuanlairuci

  4. what oh
    i dun hv jiajia lar,
    really yours looks the most nice kay?==

    Lol i shuang u shuang ? xD

  5. maine, Lol
    dont oh no please, NICE KAY !!! :D

    yipeee, babee mwak~*

  6. Yes, my dearest sista.
    Okay, i will! <3
    Recover-ing, but the sclera turned red.
    So scary ==

    xoxo, loves! ♥

  7. Lolx welcome dear girl (:
    haiyo take care a
    drink more water !
    weather sounds weird now ==

    meet u after ur eyes recover ! :)
    miss ya <3

  8. thankyou so much girl. ^^
    i super love our piccsss :D

  9. Lolx
    i love it too la :P
    wahaha miss u!