Thursday, November 19, 2009

nothing brings me down.

today today today, Novemember 19
is my darling YUE LING's big day :D
and i wish her healthy, happy everyday, and
get a flying colours result in her SPM :)

althought next year you're not in CHKL soon,
btw remember ur huan always miss u and there for you !
babeee, i love you always and stand for you !

And, today i went KLCC for a movie -A Christmas Carol.
with jessie,hsinjie,yiing,ruizhen,ron and jimmy :D


Jessie. finally we meet xD

Rui Zhen, the second time i met her? :)

Hsin Jie. she's getting more prettier ;p

erhh, A Christmas Carol still okay only,
cause quite boring at middle, and its pointless ler,
at last is a happy ending, maybe.. 3 Stars? hmm, not so suggest to see ._.

anyway, tomorrow going to sunway lagoon with
jeysim,mondyy,bingqin,wenfong,wentian,yp etc.
i'm so excited now !! :D
because they promised to take photo with us! ^^


  1. = =。坏女人...

  2. xin ;
    Lolx = =
    they already told us before holiday ma,
    we booked ticket

    hahaha :P
    enjoy your holidayy yaa!