Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i'll follow you until you love me.

E : has gorgeous eyes
M : Makes dating fun
I : is really sweet & romantic
L : is a very good kisser
Y : is loved by everyone

H - stick to one
U - is loved by everyone
A - crazy
N - is a very good kisser too!

Lolx ._.
i found this at facebook..

yesterday i went BerjayaTimeSquare with them,
andrew,hanyik,yingxian and jeysim :)

apparently, of cause we watched the hot movie 2012,
i feel exhausted with that seriously.

wondering if 2012 were truely the end of earth
what to do and how to say goodbye?
quite touching, crying like crasy.

ew,just imagine, KLCC will be destroy,
my sweet home will be destroy too
and everyone just to wait for the last moment?

dk? anyway 2012 quite great..
nice pick! must watch ! :)

and next thursday (Nov 26) my sis gonna bring me to watch
premium show of twilight saga new moon ! yipee, extremly excited! ;D

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