Sunday, November 15, 2009

the precious moment ;D

today i dated with my sweety chermaine

so happy with that,
seriously i really enjoy the moment with you.

babeee, love you deeply :D
and we snap 200plus pic for a day,
Lol ! i guess already break the record of me

babeeyiing, don't feel upset okay?
remember, everything will getting better right?

FittingRoom @ Forever 21

i like this, feel regret didn't buy it today ,
and its just cost 70bucks lar, im going to buy it tomorrow :D
yea, wait me pick you home lil dress .. xD

this looks mature to me so just snap for fun :D

Washroom @ SunwayPrymaid

FittingRoom @ CottonOn

i guess my elder sis like it :D

StickerPhoto @ Sunway

and a lil pic of mee x)

pictures go on..


  1. huanhuan, cepatnya you update x)
    and right, my phone picts suck laa ==

  2. 现在的大头照片越来越Creative了。

  3. maine,
    of cuz im pro kay :D
    hahahaha. haiyo NOPE !
    my camera also la,blur==

    yeah :) thanks for your visit anyway!