Sunday, July 17, 2011

follow your heart,

complicated. follow my heart (?)
everything is so complicated now.
i can't feel myself.
since everything is over, finally over.

but i feel so badly,
miss those school days, busy recess.
miss those recess we actually spend together,
practice songs, chat, but till the end, you guys are graduating in few months later.

how if all of you leaved,
left only us there alone.

i can't imagine what's going on in future.
seriously now i can understand the feeling of it,
not willing to let go, but still have to let go in reality.

feel like been abandoned.
trapped in the past.

we used to be together for years );

i know maybe we aren't the best society,
but at least it's happy to meet yall, to stay with yall.
like 2008 till now.

i really hope that friendship never ends.
and i trusted, we can.
iloveallofyou,guitarsociety's, truly,deeply.

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