Friday, July 8, 2011

i can be tough, i can be strong

ohmygod just realize that my last blog post actually past few month ago,
so horrible, time past so swiftly this year, :( b r e a t h l e s s.
almost every month also have lots kind of activities or what..

129 days till trial exam,
seriously im kindaaaa afraid of it,
like don't even have a direction where should start from,
but it's already late since i keep on find excuses for myself,
" never mind, it's okay, still have enough time to prepare ?! " pfft.
it's too late maaan, already eight of july.....

next wednesday will be guitar society's big day,
hmm, i meant it, thanks for those who actually skipped their society & tuition and come (:
thanks a lot, so sweet of yall ")

practice over and over but still-.- not steady at all.
shyt, should be more confidence..
since i swear, this may be my last performance.
so, should did my best.

hey, trust yourself can do it (:
ALL THE BEST guitarsociety's. :*

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