Friday, September 30, 2011

sparks fly whenever you smile (:

hello ") i'm finally alive after the freaking two weeks, gosh.
SPM trials, suffered alot. omg. like everyday i'm suffering*
it's like so stress until you will guilty if you don't read.(to me.)
wake up like 4am every morning is killing ): lack of sleep.

but so far, can have a few days rest till the last school examination of 2011.
okay then there's SPM. 45 days to go. it's like around 1 months left.
no more outings after this weekends. (i'm hanging out this saturday,tomorrow :P)
gahhh, so guilty but i don't care, i need some relax moment also!
last outings with friends until SPM end okay:*

teeehee :D i'm going to show few photos of mine,
anna i know i'm so zilian at all, but who cares :D

oh ya, it's going 1 years for owning you my babe phone :D 1016. okay 1years anniversary (Y)
i have around eight dresses for her. OOPS :p
btw i broke my favourite ones-.- blue and white polka dots ones.
just throw it without think a thing, or else my mama going nag that i'm a rubbish-lover like

went lunch with my babe,shinyi,ash,leakyee,weiying and ivan this wednesday,
really a good time spending with em (; #happythings
okay we are talkative like we talk about puppies,bloggers,vacation and sooo on.
girls ma :P time just flies, ashley said she won't have friends last long.
but hey, we going to be your sweetie who last long. trust us. :)

we ordered chunky pizza which introduced by chuckei :D
me.ash.weiying, a big fans of her :DD
kinda cheesssieee, but i have no idea is it with 8 layers of cheese. lol

and a big thanks to my darling YUE LING TING :D aww
she got a me purple pouch, so sweet of her right.
(besides, thanks jacky for helping me passing her letters all the way.)

then some hongkong disneyland souvenir from my cousin jynn (:
yes :D i have new key chains of disney collection again.teeeheee

and her. sharon lee. so strange calling her like this.haha.
thanks for leakyee ") my sweetie pie. she's so sweet although she looks cool.
trust me, she look cool doesn't mean she does.
she get cry easily. 5axin's know that i bet :P
she got me smurfette's stuff.

all of these. my sis's collection. (Y)
we did some crazy things like we went 5 mc donald's to search for these within one night.
but kinda failed cause we only got 5. the whole set like 10. ):
we're bit late to realize that mc donald's actually have these.
but it's okay laa better than we have neither of it.

have this super cute bento from weilin's mama.
so cute right! angry bird (Y) thanks aunty for fetching me like everyday,
A BIG THANKS TO YOU! wait i get my license i fetch you ya weilin :D

happy mooncake festival (:
we just celebrate it randomly lol
without planning just go giant and grab lantern @ 8pm.
then start playing at 9pm until 11pm.haha.

screaming and laughing like no body business. :D
have lots fun anyway! a lil bit cannot wait for tomorrow!
going pavilion with shinyi and sleep over at leakyee's for some chinese cultural praying.
play hard babe!

btw i kinda miss my sis TT they're still in taiwan and they will be back at sunday!
ps. i'm having my first driving lesson this sunday. super.nervous.

till then,

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