Saturday, January 21, 2012

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seriously i'm soooo happy these weeks :D
school reopen and i'm part of 6AAI (Y)
it's really so blissful that school arranged me to a class with all my BFF!
#lastyearofhighschool way tooo nice to me (:
i hope i can have an awesome 2012 ahead!!!

january 01, :D
haha have a great night party with you guys :P
thanks for helping out me and my sis to clean my house!
hope you guys actually enjoy it! shinyi imissyou alot! omg
when can i see you ? :(

january 13, (:
last day of inseong's in chkl.
we went desaparkcity and have a lil farewell for him (:
seriously enjoyed myself soooo much :p so warm-feelings (Y)
hello inseong seriously haha i know i'm damn sentimental to you some times,
but really thanks for rides all the way to mine place when i have transport problem
thanks for being such a nice friend to me.
once CHKL-ers, forever CHKL-ers (: thanks being mine listener :D
yayy future gonna fetch us with your plane A380 okay :P chase for your dreams (Y)

january 14, (: diary valentine's day!
i meet up with the taiwanese that i meet at taiwan last year june!
6 month pass but we are still okay with each others!
seriously 3 hours of meeting each other up are not enough T_T
hope there's a chance again to bring you guys and play around kay!!!

荃馨 好久不見 很開心我們又見面了
希望下次還有機會(: 加油哦高考!!!!
下次去臺灣再見! :p 希望我們友誼可以永固 (:

then story of 6AAI :D
we actually prepare mandarin oranges for teachers (:
thanks leyi peiyi and yongle for the hearty cards :D
and yup, we also help zhirong and boonhau celebrate their birthday!!

our liu mama :) she's sooooo nice to us (:
we are like children of hers. she give loads of love for every single of us!
BEE BEE :D teeehee i love herrr :)

our english teacher,Mr.Chin aka nicky.
seriously he is so niceee (: i mean the best english teacher i ever met in chkl!

and honglim ahhh, i feel so sad actually you break your promise to us again lor,
i though you actually will be staying until march but you leaved T__T
urgh, anyway must remember find me yamcha okay, :D
setapak kaki hehe, thanks for fetch me home after bedford seminar last year ^-^

hope you are doing well in college(:
see ya soooon at andrea's place!

seriously i think i made a right decision to stay at CHKL for senior3 (:
no regret honestly!! i think 2012 are really good to me!!! (Y)
friends around and make everything wonderful (:
seriously you guys complete me. #lastyearofhighschool

events and activities with all of you !!! *thumbs up*
okay i really like to spend recess time with all of em 6aai's (Y)
i think i have the best class ever in chkl! (: ROCKS IT BABE!

lastly, wish all of you have an awesome 2012!

愛信樂龍龍 新年樂龍龍 健康樂龍龍 (:

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