Wednesday, May 23, 2012

we are young :)

mehhhhh. i know i'm bit lazy to update my blog already
busy is actually an excuses for me LOL
i'm having my own holiday and everyone's just finish their exam!
but when their school holiday started, which means my college life, finally have a fresh start!
btw i don't like the new blog skin & "create post" pages.
seriously so messy like how i hate facebook timeline... not good.

i'm actually so excited yet nervous of my college life,
since there is new environment, new faces and new friends? :)
i want a new life. and i miss CHKL, as always...
eventhough i no need to wear school uniform anymore,
but it's actually more headaching stuff for me o_o

i have to pick up my outfits every morning and drive all the way to school....
oh my gosh, god knows how much i hate driving -.-

anyway, my house have a new member- LUCKY :)
she is really cute and adorable!!!!
but she cries a lot recently cause we are actually keeping her inside basement floor!
can i say she is really smart and lovely!
but she doesn't know how to bark since she's only a baby puppy,
so hope she can do it well future, guard our house together kay baby :)

thanks for all my friends whoever think of me and just text/fb/tweet me..
at least i know even i'm not in chkl but i was part of it,
giving support,mentally for all of you, thanks my friends!!
appreciate to have all of you, in my life. :) thankss xx

seriously i'm so jealous of my friends are still in high school
please enjoy your life, cause time do flies!
after mid-term then its trial and UEC.
so all the best to you all 07's :) haha i'm loooking forward for the next visit back to highschool

so till then x