Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Last Christmas,

Oh HIIIII! omg idk why my blogging mood is so ONzzz now...
on a christmas night man! sound so lonely ikr :(
went for movie-Life Of Pi with sis yesterday so wasn't too bad..
at least have some "entertainment" on CHRISTMAS DAY babe!!!

loooolololll. alright alright..
recently was too busy sleeping and too busy watching all the HK dramas.
i needa to catch up with all the episode before it's too late(when it's gone it's gone!)
so, quite pampered myself these days..

cravings fixed and.. I CAN'T STOP EATING NOWADAYS.
but a big thanks that i have a sis willing to jog with me every morning..
so yeah. NOT TOO BAD RIGHT! at least i did some exercise.

Blogging was so much fun to vent to share to express my feelings and all that
but.. i am way too lazy to start thinking of an "Post Title" till then stuck half way..

so, idk if i should write something like "yeah i survived from doomsday" -_-
fu*k off please-.- who the heck believe there is doomsday seriously too much
if there is doomsday you won't be informed kay guys.. urgh not blaming the Mayan's
but i felt like an idiot looking at people who posted status like yea i survived something like that.
bullshit -_____- but kinda know that lots of people bought candles and store some dry food.

hoho even a news from HongKong that saying that a rich women who actually bought
1 years dog foods for her pets -.- erhhh *troll face*

“I heard that December 21, 2012, when winter comes, I heard it’s the end of the world. If the world still exists, there would be no sunlight. So now people in the countryside, every family is rushing to buy candles and store those candles at home,” Hou said. (the world.org) 

mehhhhhhhhh...too lazy to continue already! so stay tunes x so gonna back to blogger! I MISS BLOGGING, very much!!