Saturday, December 29, 2012

#ootd heat babe!

I am so addicted to Instagram lately,
been stalking all the pretty girls around the world through instagram!
#ootd #ufod #potd #ootn etc etc have become somehow #hashtag that teens been using lately?
so fyi, #ootd stands for outfit of the day! #ootn stands for outfit of the night etc!

so do i :) photo qualities are really bad, ikr 
i seriously need a tripod to take photo urgh i'll try.
but dress up really cheer my mood up! 
i feel really happy when people started give compliment on what i wear that day :P
sometime i really hope i can join fashion merchandising but -___- k lah.. stop dreaming.

Dress: Next (uk brand) from shanghai
Ballerinas: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Louis Vuitton- Saumur Pm Monogram

Studded Necklace: Dorothy Perkins UK
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Sandals: Zara
Bag: Louis Vuitton-Damier Speedy
Top: Forever 21
High Waist Skirt: Zara
Ballerinas: Dorothy Perkins
Accessories: Lipsy
Top: Forever21 (spaghetti strap)
Denim Jeans Vest: Cheesie's blogshop
High Low Skirt: Random blogshop
Sandals: Forever21 (only for RM20!)
Bag: Long Champ

Dress: ASOS
Bag: Long Champ
Sandals: F21

here are a few of my #ootd that i posted on instagram lately :)
seriously i've never tried out this kind of style in my life! 
new items vs something "yeng" to mix and match and all that!
started to love fashion like neutral style between princessy-sweet-looking vs a lil manliness-looking! 
my neutral fashion inspired by eivinying babe! :) aha seriously will tried out something different!

by the way i wore this pink sequin glittery dress on prom night :)
my dress are from TFNC (UK local brand) :)

Necklace: Diamond Platinum (my 16 years old birthday pressie from sis)
Dress: TFNC (
Clutch: Zara
Heels: Debenhams x red herring 

so i had my first prom experience! i hate myself because at first i was dilemma whether which dress to pick for my prom (i bought 3 dresses lol!)
so i took photo with my dress on and sent it to a few of my close friends.
err seriously i didn't regret at last i wore this because some of them said is abit too glittery and all that
but what i though was YOLO. you should wear this if you don't when are you going to wear this?
some more glittery is the trend for now! for dinner/ prom dress!
don't believe me? go for window shopping tomorrow!
Topshop h&m dorothy perkins forever21 all those fashion retail are selling glittery prom dress!
so yeaaaaa im so happy with it! :p at least im brave enough to wear it alright!
seems like i didn't over dress just enjoy myself with confidence that night.. :)

btw a lot of friends are enrolling uni next month (jan intake)
hmm :p welcome to university life guys!!!!

2012 going to end in 2 days time!
2013 please be good to me!! i need a fresh start no matter on studies or.. me,myself :) till then.

lots of love,