Sunday, November 22, 2009

could be,should be,would be yours.

November 22,Sunday

today, i accompany yiing to meet old friends at setapak,
and when we reach prima setapak,surprise that junkiat go along wif us.
its beeeen a looooonnnng time we never meet ryte? miss u lots!

He is Soo Jun Kiat xD

He is Tan Yong Neng.

Then,we went Station1 for drinks, with kelvin,pei xuan.
Afterdats, ah warh come and meet us, my beloved gor x)
while waiting for the pro-Yeong, we playin games and chatting.
Yet, of course we snapping around, taking pic! ;)
how sweeet is it ..... love enough !

Station 1@ Setapak

Kelvin Gaw with mee ♥ :P

Ah Warh, weee i miss him! ♥

Pei Xuan :)

Ah Yeong !!! xD supervisor of Station 1 :P
omg u know wad, he looks so nice nowww! ♥

Around 4pm, its time to say goodbye.
ah warh chauffeur us to wangsa maju LRT station, thankss *
and daddy pick us there few minutes later.

5 o'clock, chermaine leave KL, back to USJ.
and i, blogging here.and gonna meet you soon,
december 05! 2006 6M's gathering (:

November 21, Saturday

Forever 21 @ Pavillion

Lunch time, WongKok @ Pavillion

Nichii @ Pavillion

Cotton On @ Pavillion

WashRoom @ Pavillion

MainEntrance @ Pavillion

Dinner Time.
D' fortune @ Menjalara


  1. D' fortune @ Manjalara, i went there before =)
    Enjoy your holiday life :)

    Miss you <3

  2. violin ;
    Lolx, no lar.
    cause pav is the most near shoppinnmall,
    cuz dun feel to go, ts.
    so we went there :P

    Lolx nice ryte? xD
    enjoy your holiday tooo .
    meet u soon yaaa !

    miss ya too <3
    love you!