Tuesday, April 13, 2010

babe, are you down down down-

Hello peeps,i am here again.
suppose to do geography revision and finish my art works,
but i didn't.Aw. i know i am lazy this week.Awful.:(

i hope tomorrow is saturday.
and i hate monday,indeed-.-

a sleepy morning with the sleepy moaning.
feeling so,hardly to wake up.

today was the very first lesson of the sport day's.
the sun is bright, luckily am already apply the sun block.
and we has had the volleyball test. mostly all the girl got 0/10,
LOL. Indeed, we're the champion. haha.
i tried to put effort on the ball, AT LEAST, try my best right? :P

LOL, i've no idea with the skill which teacher want us to,
maybe other, either i can did well.

went for hair cut today, CUT CUT CUT.
cut off the untidy,messy,ugly hair. i think i look young after it?:D

recently is-like-free-day.
most of the homework i will completed it before school dismiss.
even though is ADDITIONAL-MATH.. ew. something wrong with me. i guess.

i think my blog is dead D: and nobody intrested with it,
but however. i still want to blog. I LOVE BLOGGING.
this is the way why i blog. seriously idk what i'm typing.
like a sleepy bear, *sob*


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