Saturday, April 10, 2010

friend is like love in air,always.

First and foremost, i'm here to wish KaiLui aka topman
glad to same class with you,
since to be your classmate have lotsa fun & laughtness around,
wish your dream come true, and, WE LOVE YOU! :)
hehehe, no one can be the placement inside our heart !
BFF, xo. :)

Secondly, Happy Birthday to YEE LING aka the superwomen :D
yay, we same class from last year, and 2010 was the second year :)
this year we're getting more closer right? haha,
and you're 4A7's superwomen,always! :D

okay, its my time to blog about mine ;)
ow, i mean. life's wonderful always!

last week kept my room, and i throw away lots of last memories,
but i think i did, the right decision,
In my opinion, i will never think it, and review back again,
i think its the first thing, which can made me out of stressed out. i guess so? :)

and this is my new cupboard,
lotsa belt,accesories,hair band inside :D

and my table, still that same.
jey sim , not that terrible already,right? :D

But then, if all the stuff was there, i think i'm still the same,
memories is already memorised in my memory wad ;)
it's okay....

and my lovely siblings bought me few pairs of earings,
yea, it's accesories, as well :D
just feel so glad and warmth to have few sister,
they treat me well, and care me lots :)

All of it, i feel these are simply-very-suitable my style :D
i'm in love with floral dresses,high-waist skirt, and ONE-PIECE DRESS!
i hope my house grow a money tree, so that i can buy what i want! LOL

FINALLY! my hair grow longer.
i wait for this for so on! :D
imma so happy about that, but i think next month have to cut my hair?
but i won't do something foolish again, LOL.

and seriously, i miss JAPAN alots :( especially the food and weather.
im feeling so bad at malaysia with the very-hot weather,
its cause me sweaty and feel very-uncomfortable!

I miss the moment.

i miss MT.FUJI.

i miss the plum garden.

i miss the Nagoya Castle.

i miss Japan's strawberry & APPLE!

I miss Tokyo Disneyland :(

i hope to go there, again, when i'm an adult.
earned money and go with my parents & siblings! woohoo. LOL
the third time i'm waiting for you!!

oh ya, im feelin so good today.
having breakfast with 30+ person,
it's like around two table of canteen.

its our gang :D haha.
and long time din't go for recess with kah mun,
and we did, today as well :D
KAI LUI! see all of us so good,
accompany you for breakfast somemore :D

PS. crap have cotton headed!


  1. crap have cotton headed!
    I love that line tons <3
    I'll bring you there one day in the future =D
    Strawberry and Apple ! Nice !

    You are a tidy girl :)

  2. yes :D
    Indeed, because they dk how to use brain.
    i think maybe brainless.

    babe, chill chill.
    we're mature teenagers right,
    so just ignore those IMMATURE's

    babe, don't worry :)