Thursday, July 29, 2010

somebody to love,

OH god, who knows what will happened the next.
i'm feeling myself getting worst and worst.
science teacher asked me about what happened to my last and the lastest exam today.

erh, i know.
the last is worst,
but the latest is improve kinda lots.
okay i'm sorry, let you down honestly right.
hmm, i think my heart was not there last past week.

not feeling to study and keep surfing net for days.
even, when teacher(s) were teaching.
quite regret and guilty today when i reviewed everything.
i was like the-past-form-2 of me, oh god.

don't feeling like study, lazy to do homework too.
just imagine that i'm the only one who standing on the road and people keep walking or running toward very fast.
and i am just the only person standing there or maybe, walking back?
i don't want to be like that, sucha useless.
i can't stop right? can't fall down or maybe fall apart..

everyone's life sound interesting and meaningful.
but what to me? i think, sound lifeless.
i'm going to lost myself. :(

hopefully i can come back very soon,
examination is coming very soon, and there are 2 weeks to go!
the only two weeks, fourteen day, three hundred and twenty six hours :(
i don't want to let my parents down again, no way!

must go for it please.
like what you did this week,
keep on study, silent the phone, online for one hours per day, and.
do not watch GG.Glee.TVB's drama anymore!

btw luckily my heart is back right now,
society's and the concentration of study!
yay, thanks god. phew, i'm not that abnormal already..

and the farewell day is cuming very soon.
our dearest chairman.inn rong. shen lai. ely. aaron. shen yi etc.:(
idontwantyalltoleaveus :/