Thursday, August 26, 2010

i finally found you, my missing puzzle

All about how i enjoy my life at August ;)
I LOVE MY LIFE, because i live for it!!

First and foremost, July of 23, my mum got me a new phone as my reward :)
because mum promised me that if my average more than sixty marks then she'll get me.
and i got this, Nokia X6. seriously at first i was yea and nay pick up X6 or E72.
but at last choose X6 because all of my sis suggest me to get a touchscreen? so yeah.
Thanks mum* i'll appreciate this phone and good taking care of it, for sure ;)

Secondly, August of seven.
School dismiss earlier, so all of us decided go for breakfast/lunch and movie.
went kepong jusco Kenny Roger's for breakfast+lunch= breaklunch,
and The last airbender 3D for movie, thanks for kai rui's treat! :D
after movie, went starbucks for drinks and then off to Tanjong Malim for family dinner.

Thirdly, August of nine was the society farewell day,
prepared the badges for them as, a lil hearty stuff?
i know its not really a-expensive-beautiful-amazing stuff,
but at least we did it with heart and d-i-y stuff right?
not willing you guys to leave us,
but still.. yall still have to graduate and go fight for yours future right?
so wish all of you here, ALL THE BEST in the future! ;)

inn rong, you know what. WE WILL MISS YOU VERY MUCH! =(
shen lai you must come back for visit us okay! you promised!
juan ling,jia liang, ALL THE BEST, and take care yourselves in oversea!

All of it, the second standarize exam started,
from August of twelve to eighteen.
Study study study.. in process. and exam end.

After exam week, August of twenty one and twenty two,
we went 30 hours FAMINE d-i-y CAMP! :)
have lots fun there,meet lots new friend there and learn lots stuff ;)
therefore, i admit that i'll join in again!!! ITS KINDA AWESOME!

After the camp, i was like..
Day after day, hour after hour, minutes after minutes and second after second.
no idea, just feeling kinda boring and lame at school. just feel like lifeless.
activity-less, homework-less, stuff-less,sad-ness, emo-ness, boring-ness...

After the couple boring weeks,
its wonderful weekend again! ;)
went for tom yam seafood noodle @Segambut with babes and dudes,
and the weekends went d'fortune and d'pastry for meal ;)
have sweet friends and dearest family with me!

And the last day of August, National day of Malaysia ;)
doesn't feel much national day feel,
just feelin like shopping mall all SALES SALES SALES!
thats IT. ._. by the way i hang out with CHERMAINE & JOEY that day!
with both of my dearest! ♥ sunway pyramid's time!

went sunway pyramid's full house again!
maine and emily's favourite always! ;)
bring along dad's DSLR cammie for capture nicer photo!
and have lots fun that day with both of them! warmth my heart!

with love,

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