Saturday, September 18, 2010

with you i see forever so cleary

Miss Jane keep ask me to update my blog,
so yea im here :P!
Its already eighteen of september,
time past so swiftly! its only left around 3 month then 2011 is coming to us!
hmm quite nervous about SPM next year! curious and wondering how it will be?

btw, back to my September ;)
its school break from 0904 until 0913!
and i went Aussieland-Perth for vaciation with my family! :)

Its such a enjoyable trip and really without stresses!
country life and town life around there are really awesome!
I LOVE AUSTRALIA!:P weather?view?kangaroo?LAVENDER? Awww.♥
and the chocolate,fresh oranges,strawberries and maybe seafood!? :P
Besides,and of course the food there! although the price is-not-that-worth to us? =S

erm, not really much photo here,
btw, here there are! ;)

Aussieland ♥
Aussieland ♥♥
Aussieland ♥♥♥

*i am going to blog about my trip very soon,
wait for me my friend! :P*

After the sweet trip,
then was 1Malaysia Special holiday,
and its family day again!!!
went Bangsar Village for Lunch and dessert! ;)

Go on, the weekend-Saturday,
After school dismiss, sis chauffer me and headed to Bangsar again!
went our favourite Bangsar boutique for shop as usual!
here are some of sis Mich and I's favourite Boutique;

Purple Dotz,
Rosso ;
Cats Whisker;

Visit them if you're a fashion-lover as well! :P

After the boutique shop time,we went Bangsar village again!
Dorothy Perkin and Zara's time!! ;)
bought a pair of blue ballerinas from Dorothy,
and a blue high-waist dress from Zara!
kayy, i'm in *BLUE* freak recently :P hehe and purple!!

Then, went d'foodland which at Manjalara for dinner,
with sis Angie, sis Mich and her bf Hermon ;)
have crab that night! yummy ;) Thumbs up! (Y)

And till this week, Its Mid-Autumn Festival ;)
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all of you!

I stay house after had lunch at The curve with sis @ Dragon-i,
and finally i have my xiu long bao!! :P miss it much! ;P

After lunch, i was painting this roses drawing from one to six, gosh..
and its not yet complete! im really tired indeed.
so leave here like this, idk when i will complete it =P
just.. WAIT ;P

by the way, thanks for kah mun for the koala bear from Sydney,
thanks for hao kian for the lovely printed name key chain,
thanks for weiyang and yen teng for the yummy chocolate :P

im going to McDonald's Olympic Run with them! ;)
@Wei Yang,Xin Chyi, Kai Lui, Andrew!
And Pavillion for movie after the run!
@Han Yik, Jasebel, Bear,Wei Yang,Xin Chyi, Kai Lui, Andrew!
Hanyik Low, happy finally can meet you up this sunday! ♥
excited! miss you lots bro! ;)

McDonald's Olympic Day Run
Renue: Dataran Merdeka
Date:twenty six of September
Time: 7.30 am.

Here we go! Run babe run!! ;)

love like this ;)♥

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